Bored while travelling? Watch free movies online

Bored while travelling? Watch free movies online

Waking up in the morning and pushing yourself to work on Monday is quite tough. It’s even more annoying for working professionals who have their home far away from your workplace. Thanks to the advent of streaming technologies. Most of the people have smart devices with unlimited internet which lets us watch our favorite television shows and movies on the go. From YouTube to streaming platforms, we have access to free contents that we can easily stream with a high-speed internet connection. Get set to watch free movies online and not to forget, stream your favorite shows as well.


It’s just not Amazon, now Flipkart and Zomato have now come up with their own streaming platforms for the benefits of users. To watch Amazon or Netflix, you might require a subscription plan. However, Flipkart lets you watch movies and television shows for free.

Zomato’s free streaming service

When it comes to Zomato, they believe that there’s an unbreakable connect between food and streaming. It’s true to an extent. First, we see the color and texture of any food before we taste it. Watching our favorite foods in a picture will definitely make us crave more. Zomato’s free streaming service has released eighteen original shows and each episode will not be more than fifteen minutes. You can tune in to the shows on the Zomato app itself.

Amazon Prime Video

You should certainly obtain a premium subscription to watch contents on the Amazon app. However, you will be able to watch Amazon Prime Video for free. Want to know how? Just read below.

If you are an Airtel user, you can recharge for Rs.299 pack which includes the Amazon prime video subscription as well. You will get unlimited calls, messages, and 2.5GB internet per day along with the subscription.

Just make use of the subscription and you’ll get a link via text message to watch Amazon Prime Video. Just click on that link and install the Prime Video app on your mobile. Enter the username and password of your Amazon account.

Netflix subscription can be availed when you subscribe for the Airtel Broadband internet connections for certain plans.

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