It’s okay to break up.. But staying broke is not okay at all

It’s okay to break up.. But staying broke is not okay at all

How to move on from love failure?


Heartbreaks are common, regular, usual of late. All these three words have similar meanings. Likewise, you might be anywhere in the world but still, emotions remain the same. It is hard to deal with the emotions but moving on should be an ultimate aim. The process of moving on is one of the difficult phases in our life. However, this is the process which is going to make you strong enough to face the difficulties you may or may not face in future.

Moving on after a breakup requires a lot of tolerance. In this phase, you will either find or lose yourself. It’s all in your hands. Breakup directs you to choose paths and now you have to decide which is yours.

  • The first path is finding your inner self which was lost when you fell in love.
  • The second path is losing yourself in the process trying to find that was never lost.


This might be certainly confusing. After all, emotions will push us in a state where our conscious mind becomes idle. The best things to do when you are lost emotionally are listed below. Here is how to move on from love failure.


It would have been that one person with whom you share all the happiness and sadness. It’s better to let them go when the time comes. Insecurities, doubts, fear and certain factors will be the reasons that make us stick to that one person. You need to understand the real fact that there are millions of people out there who are in need of the same love, care and affection. You don’t have to stop with people alone. From little herbs to pets, the Universe will help when you are trying hard to come out. All you have to do is, think about the ways of getting out and Get out of your place. Enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds’ tune and there is more to explore out there.

Go for a long trip  walk

You are already emotionally broke so it’s not a good idea to go broke financially. It’s better to go for a long walk instead of planning a solo trip. Coming out of your house will let you communicate with neighbours. You could bond between the kids living in the apartments nearby. It will happen when you go out for a walk. This will bring in comfort. When you go out for school, college or work the kids or aged people who long for care and affection will greet you warmly.  Won’t it be good?

Have a conversation with your family

No matter how much we fight or quarrel, everyone would have an emotional connect with our family. We grow up with our family and they will accept you no matter what. Whether it’s your parents or siblings, you would certainly be relieved when you tell them about exactly how you feel. At the end of the day, it’s your family and they would support in any instance.

Friends will help you heal


After family, the only group who accepts you without any expectations will definitely be your friends. They might mock you at times but they will certainly back you up when they understand your emotional outbreak.

Your subconscious will know how to fix

Before everything, you have to trust someone who was there for you since you were born and will never leave you until your death.  You’ll never love or care but they’ll care for you.  When the whole world stands against, they are going to stand up for you and it is YOU. 

All you have to do is, focus on yourself. It was you who loved and it would certainly be you to get that feeling out of mind. When you come out of those feelings, you will certainly be a better person who cares from the mind.


Hop the above steps have answered the question “how to move on from love failure?”





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