Bigg Boss Tamil 4 October 21 2020 Promo out!!

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 October 21 2020  Promo out!!

The task continues but teams switch sides!!


Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 has been interesting as a new task “Naada illa Kaada” was played where the contestants divided into two teams. One team was dressed up as the kings and queens whereas other teams were Devils who reside in the forest. Nisha was given the character of Rajamatha, Sanam, Samyuktha and Ramya Pandian were the queens and princesses. Som, Rio, Velmurugan and Bala were the kings and prince of the kingdom. Other contestants were in the devil’s team.


The task for the devils is to infuriate every member of the Kingdom and make the contestant move, talk or laugh.  If the devils won, the contestant will be enslaved or they can return to the kingdom. Sanam was the first contestant to play this task and she nailed as she neither laughed nor moved while the whole Devils team tried hard. She won the task but Som who cam after Sanam lost and he was enslaved by the devil’s team. However, other housemates like Rio, Samyuktha and Bala won the task. Yesterday’s Bigg Boss Tamil episode was completed and in today’s new Bigg Boss Tamil 4 October 21 2020, we could see both the team have interchanged and it’s time for the kings and queens to play the devils whereas the devil’s team was seen wearing the royal attire.








During one scenario where the devils try to make Aari laugh, he gets infuriated. He was in a rage as he claims that the Devil’s team sprinkled citrus fruit in his eyes. Meanwhile, the second promo of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 21st October was released a few minutes ago in which we could see Suresh hitting Sanam. Though it was not intended to hit her, she got angry. She started thrashing Suresh and other housemates supported her. However, Suresh just goes inside the house while Sanam was shouting at him.

The response for first promo from audience – The comments sections were filled about Rio playing an unfair game as he was seen sprinkling a citrus fruit on Aari which infuriated him.  In the second promo, Sanam gained sympathies as the viewers are well aware of the continuous verbal abuse of Suresh.

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