Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo – Twists and turns in the show

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo – Twists and turns in the show

Bigg Boss 4 October 19th promo is here!!

After two weeks of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil show, Rekha was the first contestant to get evicted and Bigg Boss 4 October 19th promo is out. Two contestants Aari and Suresh Chakravarthy have been nominated by most of the contestants. Previously, it was apparent that Suresh Chakravarthy was not on good terms with co-contestants. However, he did a good job by supporting Gabriella in the leadership task.


The recent Bigg Boss 4 Tamil promo that was released today shows the contestants like Archana, Rio and many others are nominating Aari and Suresh Chakravarthy whereas the two contestants also nominate each other.


And, the Bigg Boss 4 October 19th promo 2 shows a new task played between the housemates. It is a game very much like “Truth or Dare”.   With the spin wheel, each housemate will have to play the game. In today’s second promo, Ajeedh asks questions to Rio regarding the nomination and he asks Rio to name three contestants whom he would nominate along with the reasons. During this, Suresh Chakravarthy seems to interfere in the middle that infuriates Rio.

They seem to have a spat and Aari also explains the game to Suresh Chakravarthy. The Bigg Boss 4  today’s second promo clearly shows that there is going to be heated arguments between Suresh and Rio.

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What audience say about the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 today promo

The comments section has always been interesting as it helps us to know what the audience thinks about.

Promo 1 response: The first promo in which the contestants nominate Aari made the audience wonder. Aari has a good image and people feel that he was influenced by Kamal’s words yesterday. There’s immense support for Aari and he might be saved as the audience has already quoted that they are going to vote for him.

Promo 2 response: As the second promo mainly focuses on the spat between Rio and Suresh, the audience is quite disappointed with Rio’s attitude. Rio was loved by the audience since he was an anchor but people feel that he is degrading his name by mortifying Suresh.

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